Why I’m voting NO on Proposition 205:

(I’ve included the citations and the link to the initiative so you can see for yourself)


  1. Prop 205 creates bloated government with a new Department of Marijuana with subpoena powers. See 36-2854 (C)
  2. Prop 205 creates Marijuana Cops. See 36-2854 (E)
  3. Prop 205 funds bloated government FIRST. IF there’s any money left over, it might go to schools only AFTER first funding the Department of Marijuana and Marijuana Cops. See 36-2867 (C) 3.
  4. Prop 205 mandates those in the Marijuana Industry shall have government oversight over themselves, and determine their own rules and who gets a marijuana dispensary license. See 36-2853
  5. Nearly all of the funding for Prop 205 (96%) comes from those who stand to profit off it, namely, marijuana dispensary owners, and Washington D.C. based special interests. See AZSOS.gov for campaign finance reports


  1. It removes any per se limit for driving while high on marijuana. Think of drunk driving and .08 Blood Alcohol Content. There is no such limit for driving while high with Prop 205. See 36-2860 (B)
  2. Any home, apartment, or residence in the state of Arizona could grow from 6 to 12 marijuana plants and produce pounds of marijuana at each location. See 36-2860 (2)
  3. Employers cannot fire an employee who is using marijuana until AFTER they’ve committed an action that would “constitute negligence or professional malpractice.” Think about how this would impact jobs that necessitate driving, heavy machinery, or safety focused jobs. See 36-2852 (A) 7
  4. Cities cannot prohibit a marijuana shop from moving into your city. See 36-2856 (A)
  5. Marijuana is STILL an all cash business because it’s illegal at the federal level, and beginning January 2, 2020, there will be marijuana delivery similar to pizza delivery. See 36-2854 (A) 2


  1. Children cannot distinguish marijuana-laced THC edibles and regular candy, which has led to a spike in Emergency Room visits in Colorado.
  2. Marijuana shops can open next door to pre-schools, homeless shelters, rehab facilities, churches, after school programs, Big Brothers/Big Sisters See 36-2858 (C)
  3. Prop 205 upends child custody laws. If one parent seeking child custody gets high every day or grows marijuana at home, the judge is prohibited from taking this into consideration. See 36-2860 (D)
  4. Arizona has the #1 disengaged youth rate in the nation (K12 age students who are neither working nor in school) and one of the known effects of marijuana use is a much higher risk of dropping out of school. Altered brain development, reduced IQ, and memory impairment are other known effects of marijuana. See New England Journal of Medicine “Adverse Health Effects of Marijuana Use,” 2014.

Colorado currently has more marijuana facilities than Starbucks and McDonalds – combined. Colorado has 2,849 retail & “medical” marijuana facilities and Colorado’s law allows Colorado cities to ban marijuana dispensaries. See the Colorado Dept. of Revenue for stats.

And remember, Arizona cannot fix any of this due to Arizona’s Voter Protection Act. This means the Governor cannot veto it and the legislature cannot fix it. We’re stuck with 20 pages of special interest language that carves out rights for marijuana users and creates a built in monopoly for “medical” marijuana dispensary owners.

Please, please read the 20-page initiative for yourself that was written by the Marijuana Industry to protect the Marijuana Industry before you cast your early vote or vote on November 8. Click on this link for the full text of Proposition 205.

So remember…vote NO on Prop 205 on November 8!

Please share this post and let everyone you know to vote NO on Prop 205!


Thank you!

Sincerely, Paul